Reign of the Just


And the gallery of concept art!


Development is progressing. I'm not keeping a log at present, although there is a log of changes to the game engine itself. That's on the IRE website. Beware.. I often forget to upload the file!

Want to help develop the game?


The most pressing need for the game is artwork. Objects and tiles are mostly in-hand. What I need help with are the following:


Ideally, I need someone who can do NPC portraits. Not all of the characters in the game are human. Wolf, lizard and bird portraits will also be needed, plus others.

I have concept sketches and 3D renderings for some of the key (chiefly non-human) characters, so I'm really after someone who is able to translate these to finished works that can be used in-game.

Ultimately I will need NPC portraits for all the peasants and minor characters as well, who have not been sketched and would be up to you.

Any given art style is not critically important, Manga, Comic-book, Graphical Novel etc, are all OK, but something fairly in keeping with the in-game graphics is preferable.

Cut-scenes and introductions

The game also needs some kind of introduction. This would most likely be in the form of a series of stills.

There are various other game events that could be depicted in such a manner.

Character Sprites

As you can see, there are three types of people. The player, the NPCs and the guards, who are essentially the same sprites resprayed in different colours to tell them apart.

This is not good. There is also the King, who was rendered with Poser, but this took a large amount of effort.

Someone who can do reasonable character sprites would be a great help.

Two sets are required for each character, one facing north, and one facing southwards (the other two directions can be created by flipping).


The basic story is worked out. Many other 'frills' also exist. But I could use a few more side-quests.

It would also be nice to have more people to bounce ideas off of.


Concept Art

The gallery of concept art is available here

It's a mixture of sketches, test renderings and design images.

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