Reign of the Just


The Readme File

If you want to see the readme file before committing yourself to the whole 30 megs, (dialup users in particular!), this may prove handy.


Release Notes, Changelog


Windows (95 or above - DirectX 7 or above recommended)

Reign of the Just demo 2.00

Approximately 30MB:

reign200.exe - From


Linux (built on a stock Mandrake 8.1 installation)

Reign of the Just demo 2.00

It's approximately 30MB:

rotjdemo-2.00.tar.bz2 - From


Older versions

Older versions should be available here


Debian Packages

Semi-official, these packages were made by Alexandre Pineau and are available at his page here. ROTJ should turn up somewhere round here:

As of 03/04/2003, Alex has submitted the IRE 0.81 packages to Debian and they should be in Unstable by now.
Here is the relevant page: ire 0.81-6


Other Stuff (may be needed)

Allegro homepage (Included in the Windows version, You'll need this too for Linux)

Allegro homepage - Built against version 4.03, later versions should also work


Game engine Source code (optional, approx. 2.6MB) - From


IT-HE Software