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Added a few more screenshots again
Ouch, this is getting to be a bad habit. Work is still continuing but very slowly owing to other projects. However I have managed to recruit several talented portrait artists. I'm hoping for a new release around Christmas, but we'll have to see.

See the screenshots page.



Added a few more screenshots
Ouch, too long since the last update. Work is continuing although not at the pace I would like. I've added a few new screenshots of the game in progress, including some of Michael Lefebvre's new person sprites.

See the screenshots page.



Reign of the Just (Demo 2)
Proudly presenting the second demo. If all goes to plan, the next major release will be the full game.

This was supposed to be released at Christmas 2003. Well, that didn't happen, but I'm hoping everyone will find it worth the wait.

New screenshots are here.. the game itself can be downloaded here. Since the download is about 30MB, feel free to peruse the changelog and release notes.



Some music is available
I was hoping to have a new Christmas release of the game. Unfortunately there's still too much work to be done so I'm shooting for mid Jan 2004.

The consolation prize is that I'm putting up some music from the new version.

See here at the special music page.



Version 1.02 update
An updated release is available in the download section.

This is a minor revision of the demo, using the latest version of the IRE engine. It is frame-locked and contains a few minor fixes, but is still based on the game world from 2002. I may release an all-new demo this fall or Q1, but don't hold your breath.



Site Overhaul
Added a section about the game development, including a call-to-arms for artwork, but also a gallery of concept sketches and other things of interest, including developmental screenshots.

Also added contact information and a link to the main IT-HE site, which really should have been there from the start.



IRE added to Debian
Alexandre Pineau has submitted his Debian packages for IRE to Debian. Apparently the game and datafiles will be added to Unstable in about a week.
Here is the relevant page: ire 0.81-6



Mirror on Sourceforge
The download page now has links to the Reign Of The Just binaries on sourceforge. Hopefully this will be faster, and it should allow me to publicise the game more without fears of a bandwidth glut.



Site updates
A few fixes the to the download page, it looked like I had links to the actual Debian files. Oops!



Reign of the Just for Debian
Alexandre Pineau has made proper Debian packaging for IRE and Reign of the Just. Thanks, Alexandre!
You can download them at:



Reign of the Just is released for Linux and Windows
Happy new year everyone...



Reign of the Just update 1.01 for Linux
This should solve problems for people trying to run the Linux version with other distributions (1.00 only worked with Mandrake).



Reign of the Just is released for Linux and Windows
Happy new year everyone...



IRE 0.81 is released for Linux, Windows and BeOS
IRE is the engine that Reign of the Just uses.


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